The broadcast included clips from each EPISODE (starting with III) in order, though they skipped EPISODE VII (2018). The songs were not shown in full, either.

The only new content was some short “lore” passages before and after the broadcast made by the English announcer BM has been using the past few years. You can read both below.

Pre-Show “Lore”

WOWOW Special

In the name of METAL RESISTANCE,
the story of fate, destiny, mission, and also revolution was declared by the metal god named the FOX GOD.

This program will look back at the many legends that BABYMETAL has created over their journey.

Post-Show “Lore”

BABYMETAL created legend after legend in the past 10 years.

Their metal spirits will continue to transcend time and space,
while their metal melodies continue to reverberate and shine forever.


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