Fans voted on BABYMETAL’s Instagram and Facebook stories to choose 10 songs in a knockout-style format. In the original announcement, BABYMETAL stated the objective was for fans to choose the songs they feel best represents what BABYMETAL is all about. Likewise, these 10 songs will be featured on “LEGEND MOVIE”, included on the INITIAL LIMITED VERSION C version of the BEST ALBUM. Each song will be a compilation of past live footage from different performances.

The winners are:

League 1: Ijime, Dame, Zettai
League 2: Onedari Daisakusen
League 3: Catch Me If You Can
League 4: Akatsuki
League 5: Distortion
League 6: Road of Resistance
League 7: PA PA YA!!
League 8: Megitsune
League 9: From Dusk Till Dawn*

* Due to rights issues, From Dusk Till Dawn will not be on the blu-ray, so the runner-up “Headbanger!!” will be on it instead.

Here is the final bracket:

Note: I have modified the table from the official one shared here. I did so as they put “Headbanger!!” as the winner of League 9, with no additional information, which I felt was disingenuous. I feel like this way it shows the full picture.

Full Announcement Info


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