Revolver Magazine shared a new video “Should Non-Metalheads Wear Metal Shirts | Rockers React” in which SU-METAL and MOAMETAL appear and share their opinion on the topic.

Clip with subs (courtesy of SnarkyMetal):

Full video (Moa responds at 3:02, Su at 3:38)


Note: the answers were given in Japanese. This is what the translator translated them to.


“I think it’s cool to wear metal shirts. There shouldn’t be any stereotypes and they should wear whatever they want to wear. There’s no rules to fashion or music, so people should enjoy what they want to do.”


“Honestly I feel that metal T-shirts are really cool and you can wear it in any kind of way whether it be for fashion or because you’re a fan. I feel that people should wear more and more metal T-shirts to support artists as well as just for fashion in general.”

The video was taken at Aftershock festival a year ago during their US tour. Here is a picture of the girls in the same location. It’s probable that this is where their Revolver Magazine (October-November issue) interview was done.

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That’s the issue that has multiple covers in a boxed set:

For those wondering, it’s sold out.


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