He was born on October 8th, 1993 in New York, United States.

He is a drummer, and a proficient one at that. Here is a list of bands that Anthony has played for, quite a list! He is currently still playing with BENEATH THE MASSACRE, among others, and (as far as we know), BABYMETAL. He just recently left Shadow of Intent in August

Like all the other “Kami’s of the West”, he first played with BABYMETAL in September 2019 for the US leg of the METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR, returning for the European 2020 tour and LEGEND – METAL GALAXY.

He has lots of interactions with the other Kami band members, and has shared pictures with them on their tours with BABYMETAL:

Here are links to his website and social media:

Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – YouTube – Website


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