BABYMETAL has announced a new event for the release of “LEGEND – METAL GALAXY” next week. It will be a “teleshop-style” program, showing highlights from the show, as well as limited edition items available right after the program.

It will be done on BABYMETAL official YouTube channel, on Wednesday, September 9th, at 9 PM (Japan Time). It will not be archived (so you must watch it live to see it). It also appears that it will not be in English.

The merchandise will only be available until midnight (so less than 3 hours!), so be sure to be ready if you want it.

Time and Date: Wednesday, September 9th at 9 PM (Japan Time) [Timezone converter – Countdown]

Where: BABYMETAL’s official YouTube channel

Full Announcement

On Wednesday, September 9th, the release date of latest album ‘LEGEND – METAL GALAXY (Blu-ray/DVD/LIVE ALBUM)’, it has been decided there will be a tele-shop program “BABYNET DA DA DA” on BABYMETAL’s official YouTube channel from 21:00 p.m. [JST] (no archive).

On “BabyNet DA DA DA” we will pick up the Blu-ray/DVD/LIVE ALBUM “LEGEND – METAL GALAXY” released on the same day and select parts recommended by BabyNet. We will introduce the highlights of the show and the highlights of the music, along with the live video of the show. There will also be special “BabyNet DA DA DA” limited edition special offers and limited edition special merchandise for viewers of the show.

Special Online Shop

Sales time: Wednesday, September 9, after the show – 24:00 (JST)
The URL of the online shop will be announced during the program.
Stock is limited.


Fans have made the connection to a similarly named Japanese TV shopping program, JAPANET TAKATA.

The man on the right is the president of the company, doing presentation by himself with his high tone voice. He is very famous in Japan, and everyone knows him. Opening song is very popular too.

I don’t know at all, but BABYNET DADADA could be a comedy like program,,,,,.


Related Info

As a reminder, yesterday it was announced that the Live Album will be available worldwide on digital and streaming platforms.

The day after (September 10th), there will be Live Viewing’s in theaters across Japan.



Lenzer · September 3, 2020 at 11:54 PM

I read the news on the official page the way that merch sales starts after the end of the program, which will be around 24:00 JST. So we might have more than just those three hours to buy merch. They don’t really say how long the actual merch sale will be.

    BABYMETAL News · September 4, 2020 at 12:26 AM

    It says: “販売時間:9月9日(水)番組終了後~24:00 (JST) ”

    (DeepL translated): “Sales time: Wednesday, September 9, after the show – 24:00 (JST) ”

    So you interpreted it as after the show meaning 24:00 hs. I can understand that! I interpreted it as from the end of the program *to* 24:00 hs. Mainly because I believe they have always used ~ that way, but also because they mention that the merch is for “viewers of the show” and “limited merch”, which I also interpreted as meaning “very short timeline to buy”.

    We’ll see what the case is, though your Japanese is far superior to mine haha. Worst case it’s only 3 hours, best case it’s available for longer 🙂

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