Avatar opened for BABYMETAL last year during their US Tour, playing some shows of their own along the way.

In the latest issue of Sweden Rock Magazine (July 2020, Phil Lynott cover), Avatar lead singer Johannes Eckerström was interviewed, in which they asked him about how it was like to open for BABYMETAL (courtesy of Trinkelbonker):

David (Interviewer): Last year Avatar opened for Babymetal on their US Tour. How was that?

Johannes (Avatar Singer): “Very pleasant and very different. Babymetal are not a band in the way that I view a band to be. I once attended a Cirque du Solei show in Las Vegas, and that is Babymetal. When I first heard “Gimme Chocolate!!” I thought “Naw… But yes… No… But why not?” and then “OK then”. One thing I noticed is how diverse their audience is. People are coming in that enjoy Japanese culture like anime and games. I think a lot of people learn about metal because of them”.

There is more (not sure if about BABYMETAL) in the the magazine. You can get the full issue on the magazine’s website. The issue costs 69 Swedish Krona (a bit under 8 USD at the moment).

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Fred Nethyl · August 20, 2020 at 7:18 AM

So, what about all the old guys in trenchcoats that he said would show up?

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