BABYMETAL posts a picture on social media saying “Now is The Time For The FOX MASK FESTIVAL! Put your masks on!”

UPDATE: BABYMETAL has now posted a 2nd picture with Moa. It says “Show the FOX GOD your masks! “
Both messages are written in the girls’ own writing. Moa even added the little doodle that she always does.

The picture used is from a set of promo pics from 2015.

Many fans believe that this may be a hint at another livestream, possibly the FIVE FOX FESTIVALS or BIG FOX FESTIVAL.

In my opinion, it’s more likely just be a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to remind people to stay home and use masks when outside. The main reason is those shows never got a wide release, the set containing them is still being sold as a THE ONE blu-ray set (with no bonuses). It would be very odd for them to show them even just considering getting the rights to do so. With Tokyo Dome it would have been much easier considering it’s already available digitally worldwide.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a stream, however!

BOH shows video of how to make a DIY face mask:

Because the mask was insufficient, it was not able to be approached by anyone when going to buy food with an improvised towel mask.

I can keep a moderate distance with the person around surely(B・o・H)


Ohmura wants to see another live video this weekend:

We want to watch the live video together again this weekend. 😊



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