BABYMETAL just performed on TV for the first time in well over 3 years. They performed a short version of PA PA YA!! (without F. Hero’s rap), but the Kami Band did not play (they mimicked, like the BABYBONES)… in fact, other than the clothing being the Kami Band clothing from this year, we aren’t sure if any of them were Kami Band members at all! (be it Japanese or otherwise).

Another thing of note is that they didn’t talk with the presenter at all, they just appeared on stage and it cut back to the presenter, which is generally not what happens at this show (including BM’s previous appearances).

Show Info


  1. PA PA YA!! (short ver. – without rap)

Kami Band

Still hard to distinguish them, but they definitely were mimicking (BABYBONES style), and by the instruments it doesn’t appear to be anyone we already know.


  • Kano Fujihira

Venue: Roppongi TV Asahisha

Theme: Special Edition “60th Anniversary” of the opening of TV Asahi. It’s called “TV Asahi’s 60th Anniversary Music Station Ultra SUPER LIVE 2019

Other Things

Pre-show Message

Small Glimpse Of The Girls Walking On Stage

Friend That Saw The Performance

Momoka enjoyed BABYMETAL’s performance, especially MOAMETAL’s (no surprise there, she is a good friend of hers)

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