December 26th, Japan time, of course!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Both tweets feature replies from other Kami members and crew (and even Marty Friedman)

Birthday Tweet

Takayoshi Ohmura was promoted to the age of 36 today. 🤘

I would be happy if I could love the guitar for a new year, love the equipment that supports every day, love wood, spending time with the people I love, and thank the people around me every day.☺️

I hope it will be a wonderful year with a smile on everyone who supports us! ☺️ Thank you very much always. ‼️

Additional tweet

[Mikio’s Guitar] spent exactly the same time [being played] as you were a year ago. 😊

Fujioka’s birthday [January 19th] is just around the corner, and burgundy is in the best condition ever, and let’s get them to play an active part in the new year! 🚬🍺🎸

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