Japan time, of course.

She was born on December 20th, 1997 in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.

Album of pictures from 2019:

Official, friend, and media tweets:

(will post when available)

For those unaware of some of her past:

Official posts from previous years:

2011 (14th): BABYMETAL
2012 (15th): BABYMETAL
2013 (16th): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin
2014 (17th): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin
2015 (18th): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin
2016 (19th): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)
2017 (20th): BABYMETAL 1 (LEGEND S) – BABYMETAL 2 – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)
2018 (21st): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)


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