For those unaware, BOH is the Kami Band player with the most shows, and Isao has been playing a lot more since early 2018 (he had played in 2015 before). Likewise, Yuya Maeta and Isamu Takita have also been Kami Band members at one time or another.

Title: soLi



  1. Opening Gambit
  2. Burning Blood
  3. Behind U!
  4. Mirror’s Nest
  5. Der Baum
  6. the Flamer
  7. Plasma
  8. Quiet Waltz
  9. the Tower

Main band members

  • Isao (Guitar): wrote music for tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7
  • Saori Hoshino (Violin): wrote music for tracks 5,8,9

Guest musicians

  • Isamu Takita (Bass): tracks 3,4,6,8
  • BOH (Bass): tracks 1,2,7,9
  • Yuya Maeta (Drums): tracks 3,4,6,8
  • Hideki Harasawa (Drums): tracks 1,2,7,9
  • And more…

Description (Google Translate)

The 1st album of the instrumental unit soLi by the multi-string guitarist ISAO and female violinist Saori Hoshino, who plays an active part in his overwhelming technique and sense! A technical and melodious hard rock featuring guitar and violin / A miracle artistic work with elements such as classics and game music that is the roots of two people, centering on heavy metal!
Super strong members Isamu Takita (Ba), BOH (Ba), Yuya Maeta (Ds), and Hideki Harazawa (Hideki: Ds / MAHATMA, ALHAMBRA), who are also active in various directions, participated in the mixing, Unlucky Morpheus, UNDEAD Nitto (Gt) of CORPORATION. One of the first inevitable impact of the 2020 music scene!

Purchase Information

Release Date: January 22nd, 2020

Price: ¥3,300

Stores (some have bonuses)

They just recently shot an MV

Isao will have a show with some of the members on December 30th, it’s also just after his birthday, so that will factor in too.

Isao also mentions preparing a tour with Isamu Takita, which could be a tour for this album.


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