As always, a week before the shows BABYMETAL has shared the official venue information for their Japan shows. They share the venue map, entry times, merch booth times, will call times, rules, and more. Read it all below.

Information about the Osaka-Jo Hall shows will be shared a week before the show.

EDIT: For those going to the first show (on the 16th), note that the Yamanote Line (loop) will be suspended between Osaki and Ueno. You would have to take other lines or go all the way around.

The Keihin Tohoku Line is a good alternative, though do note that it will also be suspended between Shinagawa and Tamachi.

This is notable as most going from Tokyo to SSA go via Ueno.

Note time change for 16th: SPECIAL GUEST “BRING ME THE HORIZON” at the Saitama Super Arena performance on November 16, 2019 (Saturday) will start at “18:00” (previously 18:30) due to production reasons.

Date: Saturday, November 16th
Doors 17:00 / Show 18:00

Date: Sunday, November 17th
Doors 15:30 / Show 17:00

Venue map translated into English (where the merch will be, where to line up/enter depending on each ticket)
  • Regular mosh pit and all seats will NOT require THE ONE ID to enter. Only SUPER mosh tickets will.
  • As soon as you pass the ticket verification terminals, you will be given another ticket with your pit block number/seat number.
  • They may restrict the entrance after the show has started.
  • We cannot keep letters or presents for members at the venue.
  • It is prohibited to film or take pictures inside the venue. If you are found doing so, staff may make delete the data and then make you leave.
  • These performances may be recorded. They may record before and after the show inside and outside the venue.
  • Please take only what is necessary inside the venue. They will have metal detectors and bag inspection upon entry.

Will call hours for foreigners

Saturday, November 16th from 11:30 AM until 17:00 (5 PM) [tentative]
Saturday, November 17th from 11 AM until 16:00 (4 PM) [tentative]


Mosh pit

SUPER MOSH’SH PIT: arrive and get in your spot in line 20 minutes before opening time

Entry number (on ticket) from M1 to M1500 ⇒ 15 minutes after the opening time
Entry number (on ticket) from M1501 or later ⇒ 35 minutes after the opening time

  • You will be waiting outside, so be prepared for rain. With that said, you cannot bring an umbrella inside. I have seen in other shows, people leave them and you can pick them up (from the floor) after exiting.
  • They will have a [HAPPY MOSH’SH PIT] and [Woman’s only area] in the MOSH’SH PIT. The [HAPPY MOSH’SH PIT] is an area for people who do not wish to mosh. Note that both these areas tend to be at the far back.


For both MOSH’SH SEAT (reserved seat) and MOSH’SH SEAT (reserved seat behind the stand): there is no entry order, arrive whenever you want after doors open.


Located at Gate B (see map)

Saturday, November 16th from 15:00 (3 PM) Sunday, November 17th from 13:30 (1:30 PM)

1 bag for ¥500 (if you take out, you have to pay again)

Note that there are lockers all around the venue and station, but they tend to be full quite early.


Located in the C gate

General Merch Booth Entry

Saturday, November 16th 13:30 (1:30 PM) until the show start
Sunday, November 17th 12:30 PM until the show start

SUPER MOSH’SH PIT Exclusive Merch Booth Priority Entry times

Saturday, November 16th 12:00 PM – 13:30 (1:30 PM) (Please line up by 13:15)
Sunday, November 17th 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Please line up by 12:45 PM)

More info on merch

Remember to have your ticket upon entry to buy merch.

As a reminder, there is an After-party meetup for night 1

Limited space! If you want to participate, you have to sign up by November 9th. You must reply to this post on the BABYMETAL Japan Facebook group (closed group), or you can get someone else to sign you up.

Date and time: Saturday 16th 21:30 (9:30PM)~ 23:00 (11PM) (technically, whenever the show ends this will start)
Location: Pronto Saitama-Shintoshin (in front of the venue)
Entry cost: 3,000 yen
Includes: – All you can drink (Beer, Wine, Cocktails, soft drinks) – 3 Dishes (all you can eat popcorn / Raw Ham / pizza) 18:30 it’s hard to read the end time at the performance, but if it’s done early, it will start early as soon as the live ends

Information from the BABYMETAL website and THE ONE website (must be a member to read)


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