These would be the first THE ONE shows since LEGEND S (Night 1) in December 2017, 2 years ago. They will also be the first shows in Japan in small venues since the Five Fox Festivals in the summer of that same year. Finally, these shows are just a few days before SU-METAL’s birthday (Dec 20th), though the naming does not suggest it being a birthday show, but fans will likely make it one.

Venue: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

Date: Monday, December 16th, 2019
Doors 18:00 (6 PM) / Show 19:00 (7 PM)

Date: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
Doors 18:00 (6 PM) / Show 19:00 (7 PM)

Capacity: 1,102~2,473
Previous BABYMETAL shows there (pictures):

Important notes:

  • This is a THE ONE members only show. You must win tickets via THE ONE, and they will check and verify ID at the entrance.
  • Only LINE is an option this time, neither foreigner lottery, nor regular Japanese application is available. This requires a LINE account. But, it should be possible for foreigners to enter using their credit card. It does require a bit of work (as it is all in Japanese, and you may need a full-width converter).

Ticket Details

For both types:

  • THE ONE Exclusive
  • Up to 1 ticket per entry
  • A ¥600 drink fee is required to be paid upon entry to the venue
  • Your block/seat number will be informed at the entrance of the venue

MOSH’SH PIT (standing)

  • Price: ¥9,900
  • Children at elementary school or younger are NOT permitted.

MOSH’SH SEAT (reserved seat)

  • Price: ¥12,100
  • Preschool children or younger are NOT permitted

Lottery Details


From: Friday, November 8th at 18:00 (6 PM) [Japan time]
Until: Tuesday, November 12th at 23:59 (11:59PM) [Japan time]
Results: Wednesday, November 20th at around 18:00 (6 PM) [Japan time]
Payment period (if applicable): From Wednesday, November 20th at 18:00 (6 PM) to Monday, November 26th at 23:59 (11:59 PM) [Japan Time]

For all tickets:

  • If you enter at the opening of the lottery or before the deadline, it is the same thing. No need to rush.
  • As this is a lottery, remember that it’s possible you can lose.
  • If you win, you cannot refuse your ticket, you must pay for it (if you don’t your name will be “blacklisted”). Please only enter if you know you can go, as they are hard to get.
  • Information on pick up, merch and entry will be shared a week before the shows.
  • If you have any issues email Lawson Ticket Information Desk (Include your Name, Reservation Number and/or Phone Number when making an inquiry.)
  • More information about the show will be given a week before the shows (merch times, entry information, maps, etc.)

Message that comes with the announcement:

Chosen Ones of THE ONE,
the FOX GOD orders a gathering.

There is another story in the metal galaxy journey

Are you ready to head bang!?
THE ONE, the chosen person, gathers to unlock the seal!!


THE ONE website: Main article – Lottery page (must be a member to enter) – LINE page

LINE lottery page

Other General Information

BABYMETAL in Japan guide

General Japan travel tips


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