I list all the people that are mentioned in the lyrics sheet or that have come out to say they participated (sadly, the sheet does not mention who plays the instruments). Most only mention it, but one (Joe Inoue) actually explains a bit of the process. Also, we know at least one Kami Band member participated, Leda! Read all about them below.

MEGMETAL wrote, arranged, and mixed a total of 11 songs! He did the Arrangement for FUTURE METAL, Elevator Girl, Night Night Burn!, Distortion, IN THE NAME OF, and PA PA YA!!. He also did the Music (as well as the Arrangement) for DA DA DANCE, Shanti Shanti Shanti, Brand New Day, BxMxC, and Starlight. He also mixed several songs from the album. Previously, he had done Syncopation‘s arrangement.

Takeru Yoda: Distortion (Lyrics, Composition) and Shine (Composition).

tatsuoMETAL: Arrangement and instrumental for Oh! MAJINAI and Shine.

Kanata Okajima did the lyrics and music for “DA DA DANCE“.

Leda (Kami Band guitarist) has come out to say he helped create yet another song for BABYMETAL, Arkadia, in which he did the guitars and bass. He even did the score for it in the latest Young Guitar Magazine. Previously he helped create Amore (Bass & Guitar); No Rain, No Rainbow (Arrangement, Bass & Guitar); and Road of Resistance (Bass).

Lastly, Joe Inoue came out as being the lyricist for Elevator Girl (English version). He actually explained a bit of the process in a YouTube video in English. It is paraphrased into text below in case you prefer to read. First I put the overall points he shared, and then his thoughts on each specific line. This is actually the way we now know the official lyrics of the song (since it isn’t on the lyric book).

He states he is good at finding words that match the meaning and sound in both English and Japanese, he attributes this to him being Japanese-American. And thinks this is perhaps a reason why he was chosen. He first started out translating the song as much as he could to keep the meaning. However, he was asked to make it sound “modern” and “trendy” for girls. They wanted him to explore more without translating (aka, rewrite the chorus with what he thought would fit better), but without changing the topic/essence of the song.

He tried using (English) native words that “would step up the BM game overseas”. He thought that most native speakers would prefer these lyrics more than a “traditional” translation, as what happens with most J-Pop/J-Rock bands. He explains that when they try to translate, they both lose the meaning, but also don’t sound like natural English.

He explains that didn’t even know if his name was in the lyric sheet, cause he knows BM name him as “Joe-Metal”. He personally likes the album. He feels it gets better with each listen. Likes the mixing.

In the Japanese version of this video, he talked about having given advice on how to sing in English to SU-METAL over the phone.

Now on to the lyric thoughts:

Girl, we’re going up. Girl, we’re going down: he added the “girl” cause it’s more native he feels. He thinks that most J-Pop/J-Rock songs use old slang that isn’t modern.
See the whole world spin spin spin around: he added spin 3 times to make it more catchy.
Life can be such a pain in the butt: he is especially proud of this part. He feels like it blends in the “Kakkoi” (cool) and “Kawaii” (cute) aspects of BABYMETAL. He thinks it’s awesome for “cute” or “hot” girls to say stuff like that.

It’s like “oh my gosh”, Life is so scandalous: he is proud about this part is that by itself it doesn’t sound like it should rhyme, but with the melody, it does. He says it’s what “Beverly Hills” and “Valley Girl” people would say. He feels it’s part of that “stepping up the game” for BABYMETAL. He says it’s perfect cause it matches what the team was asking from him, as “hip girls” would love to sing this part of the song. It’s modern English.
One day I’m happy, one day I’m a mess: sounds like a phrase they would use in “Gossip Girl“. What some girls feel, being afraid of looking like a mess.
Hang on, cause I’ll never give up

As for others that (to my knowledge) haven’t come out, but are in the lyrics sheet, we have:

  • Yuyoyuppe: Music for Kagerou. Previously had a hand in making Uki Uki ★ Midnight, Babymetal Death, Megitsune, Akumu no Rondo (Rondo of Nightmare), YAVA!, KARATE, GJ!, etc.
  • RYU-METAL, who did Lyrics and Music for Elevator Girl, Oh! MAJINAI.
  • MUKTI-METAL, who did Shanti Shanti Shanti‘s Lyrics
  • MK-METAL, who did the Lyrics for Brand New Day and Kagerou.
  • YUPPEMETAL: Arrangement of ↑↓←→BBAB, Night Night Burn! and IN THE NAME OF.
  • NORiMETAL: Lyrics and Music for Night Night Burn! and Arkadia.
  • Hola-METAL: Lyrics for Night Night Burn!
  • KITSUNE OF METAL GOD: Lyrics and Music for IN THE NAME OF. Lyrics for Shine.
  • TAKEMETAL: Lyrics and Music for Distortion. Music for Shine.
  • DKMETAL: Lyrics for Distortion.
  • SIAMMETAL: Lyrics and Music for PA PA YA!!
  • METAL CYPHER: Lyrics and Music for BxMxC.
  • YUPPEMETAL: Arrangement of Kagerou.
  • METAL SAINTS: Lyrics for Starlight.
  • METAL SKYWALKER: Music for Starlight.

Not mentioned here are all the people that helped in the background (mixing, direction, design, management, etc.). You can find all their names in the last page of the lyrics book.

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fearmongert · November 22, 2019 at 12:17 PM

Yuyoyuppe did Kagerou? wow- it is SO different then his other BABYMETAL songs. I am very surprised to hear this, as I would ne wr have thought this was one of his, and his influence eludes me

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