UPDATE: Sadly have to mention that those that purchased the issue in the UK… you will not be getting the BABYMETAL cover or poster, as it was a Japan exclusive.

You can return them, but you still have to pay shipping costs…

I apologize for the mistake. Rock Sound announced later what the UK cover would be. They didn’t even mention the BABYMETAL edition at all, which is odd.

UPDATE 2: They finally tweeted a reply to someone saying: ” This BABYMETAL cover was a Japan exclusive, but if you email us at shop@rocksound.tv there might be something we can do to help you get hold of a copy!”. So I guess that may be the cheapest way to get it. UPDATE 3: I emailed them, and they told me that the only way to acquire it is from Japan.

This one comes with a huge double sided poster (8 pages large!), which means fans will need to buy at least 2 copies to get both. If you purchased their previous May 2016 issue (212) with BABYMETAL on the cover, it will very likely be the same as that poster size. It’s also still being sold on their website.

Amazon Japan link (the one sold in the UK features BABYMETAL, but does not have the cover or poster).
Releases October 16th (27th in Japan)

  • Interview and photo shoot
  • Front cover
  • Double sided poster (8 pages large)
  • 25 pages

Full description:

Featuring a brand new and exclusive photo shoot, we speak to SU-METAL and MOAMETAL about the album and what the future holds for the band, across eight pages as well as featuring this stunning front cover image. Also included is a giant, double-sided wall poster (eight pieces per side) featuring two brand new and never-before-seen photos of the band, bringing the total amount of BABYMETAL content to some 25-pages in total. This is the most BABYMETAL content available from any publication ahead of the new album, and is a must have for any and all followers of the Fox God.


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