The main launch event will be held at 12AM (00:00) on October 8th at Tower Records Shibuya B1F “CUTUP STUDIO”.

If you purchase “METAL GALAXY” at the store that day, you will receive:

  1. “METAL GALAXY” launch certificate
  2. Tower Records original privilege “BABYMETAL original d point card” (Card holder)
  3. A sticker of one of two types (given at random), SUN ver. or MOON ver.

If you scratch the lottery sticker and win, you will receive the following prizes:

  • Customers who win a win with the BABYMETAL lottery sticker (SUN ver.) get a METAL GALAXY friction pen (SUN ver.)
  • Customers who win a win with the BABYMETAL lottery sticker (MOON ver.) get a METAL GALAXY friction Pen (MOON ver.)

[Meeting Time]: October 7th (Mon) at 11:10PM (23:10). At 11:40PM (23:40) Admission starts
[Meeting place] Tower Records Shibuya store 1F front entrance [Sales End Date] October 8th (Tue) at 2AM

For those unable to go to that specific store, a “special storefront DAY” for similar sticker drawing will be held at 21 Tower Records stores including Tower Records Shibuya. In addition, 17 of the stores will hold live panel exhibitions.

Live panel will be found at:

  • Tower Records Shibuya Store
  • Tower Records Shinjuku Store
  • Tower Records Sapporo Pivot Store
  • Tower Records Sendai Parco Store
  • Tower Records Ikebukuro Store
  • Tower Records Akihabara Store
  • Tower Records Kawasaki Store
  • Tower Records Gran Tree Musashi Kosugi Store
  • Tower Records Yokohama Vive Store
  • Tower Records Nagoya Parco Store
  • Tower Records Nagoya Kintetsu Passe
  • Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi Store
  • Tower Records Namba Store
  • Tower Records Kyoto Store
  • Tower Records Kobe Store
  • Tower Records Hiroshima Store
  • Tower Records Fukuoka Parco Store

Participating locations for “Special storefront day”:

  • The previous ones, plus:
  • Tower Records Ario Kameari Store
  • Tower Records Kichijoji Store
  • Tower Records Machida Store
  • Tower Records Umeda Osaka Marubiru Store

A special B1 Tower Records poster will be given to those who purchase the album at any Tower Records and Towermini stores from October 1 (Tue) to 31 (Thu).

B5 TOWER PLUS + October issue with BABYMETAL on the cover will be handed out for free at all 80 stores, including TOWER RECORDS CAFE, starting Tuesday, October 1st.



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