Releases September 25th.
You can order it on Amazon Japan. (¥1,080)

  • 22 pages
  • Poster
  • Interview and photoshoot with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL
  • Interview with KOBAMETAL
  • Interview with Bring Me The Horizon (about BABYMETAL)
  • METAL GALAXY review
  • Talk about EPISODE VII and VIII, The Forum, tour, etc.

Full text from announcement:

The special appendix is ​​a BABYMETAL special poster. The story of BABYMETAL, where the throbbing “Metal Resistance Chapter 7” has ended and “Metal Resistance Chapter 8” started in 2019. The latest album “METAL GALAXY” was released on October 11th, and the first arena performance “LIVE AT THE FORUM” will be held in the United States on October 12th (Japan time). Where is the global standard “KAWAII METAL” going? SU-METAL + MOAMETAL interview, “METAL GALAXY” review, producer KOBAMETAL interview, special interview with allied friend Bring Me the Horizon, etc. A total of 22 pages with beautiful photos in the essence of BABYMETAL that continues to compete on the world stage Approach.


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