Big day today! So far 3 magazine covers with BABYMETAL on them! As well some big features inside of them.

Comes out October 3rd.
Amazon Japan link (¥1,430)

  • Cover
  • Photoshoot
  • Interview with BABYMETAL
  • Interview with KOBAMETAL about the album (more than 20000 characters)

It’s a commemorative issue, like Hedoban Vol. 10 for Metal Resistance (KOBAMETAL interview (Part 1 – Part 2), SU-METAL InterviewYUIMETAL and MOAMETAL Interview)

Full description (Google Translate):

BABYMETAL first special issue!

Finally … Finally … BABYMETAL will decorate the cover of “Hedoban”! Of course, “Vol.24” will be the first BABYMETAL special feature since “Vol.10”! BABYMETAL’s 3rd album “METAL GALAXY” will be released on October 11th! It is a commemorative issue of BABYMETAL… SU-METAL and MOAMETAL’s new gravure + BABYMETAL ’s brains as well as a long interview KOBAMETAL, a producer who can be said to have a long interview with more than 20,000 characters, leads to a thorough dissection from the metal side of the 3rd album “METAL GALAXY” which is a shocking work that surpasses the past two works lightly! Expect the BABYMETAL front cover special feature only because of “Hedoban” who has supported BABYMETAL from the metal side, cheering and thoroughly chasing after!


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