Update: Interview ended, you can find the original video here, and subtitled here:

Full translation thanks to /u/gakushabaka

To all the viewers of LINE Live, I’m SU-METAL! I’m MOAMETAL! We are… BABYMETAL!

SU-METAL: This time it was our 7th appearance for us at Summer Sonic, really there’s so many memories that our history cannot be told without Summer Sonic. First, starting from Food Court Stage, and then Metallica. They taught us the amazingness of metal… the amazingness of metal music.

Watching Metallica’s stage at Summer Sonic, was the occasion that made us think we’re going to take over this metal music from now on…. really there’s a lot of memories.

MOAMETAL: festivals are really a trial of strength, so (1) first of all taking care of rehydrating yourself, then (2) eating a lot of delicious food (3) connecting with everyone with music, so listen properly to the music and enjoy yourself.

Q: BABYMETAL’s recommended 3 songs

SU-METAL: PA PA YA! Gimme Choko, and Road of Resistance DEATH.

Q: What song do you suggest for background LINE talk?


SU-METAL: Well then, hot days are continuing, but for us metal music is a music that makes us want to become active and energetic, so please overcome this hot weather by listening to BABYMETAL’s songs. That’s all! You’ve seen BABYMETAL… see you!

Original article below.

As announced a few hours ago by Line Music, they are interviewing artists from Summer Sonic. BABYMETAL’s interview will be broadcast live at 23:37 (Timezone converterCountdown).

You can watch the broadcast live here. No need for an account (you need one to chat only).


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