BOH was born in Asahikawa, Kamiwaka, Hokkaido Island/Prefecture on August 14th, 1982 with the name Daisuke Bohte.

BOH at 20 years old

BOH’s Tweet

Thank you for all of the congratulations messages.
37-year-old bald thank you! (B・o・H)

Some replies (he replied to all of them):

Happy birthday, Mr. BHO 🎂(3rd time) We will give you the usual presents, so this year also makes it a wonderful year👴

Takayoshi Ohmura

Happy birthday to you. 🎉🎉🎉


Happy birthday, BOH!🥳✨

Toshihiro Egawa (T-shirt artist for BM)

Congratulations!!! (h’-‘) ╮ = = young ㊗️

Yusuke Hiraga (guitar Kami)

Rock bar (which BOH reviewed in his ramen column on Hedoban)

BOH’s Blog about his birthday (translated with Google translate + emoji’s aren’t exactly the same as those on his blog)

Domo. It’s been a long time since my last blog post.

This is a bassist BOH 😊

Today I am 37 years old on August 14th.
Thank you for the many congratulatory messages on Twitter.
I will refrain from replying because there are so many, but I will read everything.

After graduating from high school, when I was 18 years old, I came to Tokyo from Asahikawa City in Hokkaido and have now lived in Tokyo longer. (Feelings from Hokkaido)

Thanks to so many people, I’m really lucky to be a bassist.

It is a great pleasure to be able to live with music❗️ That’s not a matter of course, it’s just because there are people who are always on hand. Boobs full of gratitude 👙← Stop (laughs)

I want to speak loudly❗️❗️

I can play music even if I’m bald 😡 Young bald is not sick 🤬

🎶Without consulting to hair loss in their 30s to thinning hair doctor!! ❗️❗️👊🎶← Uruseyo (laughs)

No, but I got a lot of congratulatory messages one after another while I was writing this blog … I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the artists and other people who are always taking care of me.🙏

Also, thank you very much for your message and many friend requests in my personal Facebook account, but Facebook is only done with close friends.
Please understand.

And the story changes, but now the second work of the Kari BAND is being praised⬆️

If true, I wanted the second album to be a full album, but I think there are only two members, me and Yuya Maeta, the drummer … the second album will be an EP with 6 songs.

Hey!❗️Isn’t it really hard to create songs with Mikio Fujioka’s rhythm team alone 💢😱(Laughs)

We make a shape with the participation of a trusted musician as a guest 👍 Of course, it’s not just a drum and bass work so you can rest assured🌸

I want to do a temporary band live after a long time. Well, the concept is to do it loosely and without worrying.


That’s how hot days continue. A typhoon is coming.
While careful such as heat stroke or an accident, let’s do our best to healthy [Grin] I will quit using unrelated emoticons (laughs)

Thank you BOH of 37 years old (B ・ o ・ H)

If you want to learn more about BOH’s early years, check out this interview he gave in 2017 (translated here), where he talks about his beginnings with the bass.

His first show for BABYMETAL was actually BABYMETAL’s first tour, BABYMETAL DEATH MATCH TOUR 2013 -May Revolution- [Here is his blog]. He then played a few shows that year (BM still played shows without the Kami), but he did become a “regular” after Budokan, pretty much being BM’s only bassist. He is actually the Kami Band member with the most shows played, with 192 shows.

That tour, however, was not his first connection to the band, as we know he knew Koba from before, as he was with him in this internet podcast from 2011.

BOH also has other projects outside BABYMETAL, however, the 2 main ones these past few years being the Kari Band (with ex-Kami Member’s Yuya Maeta and Mikio, before his passing), and Mari Hamada.

BOH enjoys food a lot. He regularly posts pictures of food on his Twitter, and even appears in every edition of Hedoban with a column reviewing ramen.

He also loves to paint stuff on his head for shows!

TwitterWebsiteBlogNicoVideo (where he broadcasts live from time to time)

Biography about BOH

Check the Kami Band guide to see all the Kami’s.

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