These were the shows named “BABYMETAL AWAKENS – THE SUN ALSO RISES – “, the first shows of this year [Show report with pictures]. Night 2 was June 29th, this will be the one with Kano Fujihira, same as the PA PA YA!! MV.

A specific date will be given closer to broadcast.

WOWOW is a premium TV subscription in Japan with many channels, they have broadcast many BABYMETAL shows in the past. This will actually be the first WOWOW broadcast for BABYMETAL since LEGEND S, a year and a half ago. These are generally shorter versions with some songs cut, then a few months later the full version is released for purchase. Sometime there are special “goodies”, like the Wembley interview, or the Big Fox Festival night 1 songs, neither of which are on the full release.

Speculation time: Also given this, it’s not expected for this show to be on the Metal Galaxy THE ONE version (pre-order’s of which have just ended, and now it says “Out of Stock”), they have always done the broadcast months beforehand. But then again… there aren’t many shows that they could release:

  • LEGEND M, which would easily sell on it’s own
  • Glastonbury, already streamed in full (and better quality than a DVD)
  • Summer Sonic, may stream live…
  • Older shows, BABYMETAL has not included older shows in their releases, would seem especially odd since they seem to want to distance themselves from the past.



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