It includes a Q&A with MOAMETAL (yes, they used a picture of Yui…), as well as a review of their London show from last week.

You can buy it here.

Here is the MOAMETAL Q&A:

How does it feel so be back in London?
“London is very special and one of out favorite places, so it feels great to be back here.”

You played at Glastonbury two days ago- how did you find it down on Worthy Farm?
“I heard that a lot of people go to Glastonbury and that it’s a very special festival. Su-Metal and I were discussing in the past how cool it would be to perform there one day. When we were there, I could see how many people were at the festival, and I was just amazed at how magical the experience was. I am so honoured to have been invited to go and play at the festival.”

You played a lot of new material tonight, including PA PA YA!!, which has only been out for a few days. How did it feel to have new stuff to play?
“It’s always fun to play new material. PA PA YA!! is a song where both us and the audience get to shout, dance, and wave out flags around – it’s just overall a very fun song. I’m looking forward to performing it a lot more, so please make sure to learn it before you come to see us again. On the recorded version on our next album, it is done in collaboration with a Thai rapper [F. Hero]. The album is going to be a new evolution of kawaii metal – it involves a mixture of different types of music. We’re really looking forward to releasing it!”


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