Today is the anniversary of BABYMETAL’s show in Paris. Other than being important for being the first show in the West, it is probably remembered more for something different entirely, this was also LEGEND Y, Yui’s seitansai (birthday show). As a special occasion, Yui was able to sing part of Head Banger!

They also explored Paris:

And celebrated their birthdays:

Likewise, just 2 days later was LEGEND M, in Germany. Moa also sang Head Banger!

The only pro-shot available from those shows, sadly, didn’t include the full song. They came on the World Tour 2014 highlights video in the BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2014 APOCALYPSE blu-ray set (a BAW exclusive).

They repeated these songs in Japan for APOCRYPHA Y and M a few weeks later. These were not filmed.

There was some footage of them arriving at the venue:

The girls were also filmed walking the streets of Cologne:

Some photos from both shows:

Finally, as most of you know, in less than a week, BABYMETAL will have LEGEND M yet again!


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