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BABYMETAL’s 2nd interview in a long time comes as a surprise. It’s mostly about their upcoming Glastonbury appearance. A lot of questions have been answered before in previous interviews, so here are the “interesting” ones:

The question most people probably wanted answered as “dodged” in usual OTFGK fashion:

Are you now performing as a duo since Yuimetal left? How has that been?
Only the fox god knows! We hope you will enjoy our performance in the UK.

Plus these 2:

With “Elevator Girl”, your latest single, it feels like there’s a greater harmony between the melodic and the metallic parts of what you do. Is that something you felt? Is there a move to something a little bit more metallic in there?
This song has a good balance of metal, pop and some jazz essence, just like “Gimme Chocolate”.

What does a chance to play at Glastonbury mean to you guys? Does it differ in a way from other festivals such as Download?
We’ve known about Glastonbury and wanted to perform [there for] quite a long time, so we were happy [to get] an offer from the festival.
We are quite different from other acts, so we can’t wait to see if the audience will enjoy our performance.
We will see a band that we always hang [with] at many festivals…[Bring Me The Horizon] Don’t miss it, we may have something special.


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