Thitiwat Rongthong, a Thai musician has shared in a post a bit about the recording of BABYMETAL’s latest single, PA PA YA!!

This photo was taken on May 7​

I was invited to join the Thai instruments recording session which I co-produced and co-designed to be used in the song PAPAYA, the brand new song of BABYMETAL which Golf (F. Hero’s nickname) is a guest in it.

To me, this is the first international work I ever done in my life.

In the photo, other than me and Golf, we also have Ball, Moy and the three in the middle are BABYMETAL team who traveled here to observe and supervise the recording.

Their team is so damn talented, so professional and clear about what they want for the work, which is what professionals do.

This session is not only so ecstatic it’s like a dream to me, but also the kind of work I wish I can keep having. Because working with real professionals is tough, but it really helps training myself.

Most of all, everyone is so nice. We all were respectful to each other. I, as an ordinary team member, was lucky to be in this good atmosphere.

Music has brought me here today, the day I was given this rare opportunity. I admit that it was my luck that was given to me by everyone in this photo.

Thank you so much

Sincerely thanks

Thitiwat Rongthong

Translators Note: Thai’s have their given nickname which is unrelated to their legal name, and will call each other with it.

Translation credit goes to /u/RemyRatio

In related news, Koba was in Thailand in December 2018

Some fans found a post back from December 2018 from the Facebook account of Prart Aroonrungsi, a famous guitarist and founder of a guitar school and music organizer company. The post says that Koba paid his studio a visit yesterday and “might have something fun together”.

Source: Reddit


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