Information on LEGEND M will be shared a week before the show.

Venue map
  • Regular mosh pit and all seats will NOT require THE ONE ID to enter. Only SUPER mosh tickets will.
  • They may restrict the entrance after the show has started.
  • We cannot keep letters or presents for members at the venue.
  • We prohibit activities such as recording, recording, shooting and distribution within the venue. If you find the corresponding act, you will forfeit the equipment, delete the data, and then leave.
  • There are times when this show will record and shoot images and photos in the venue and in the audience during the opening and opening.

Mosh pit

MOSH’SH PIT: arrive 15 minutes before the opening time
Super MOSH’SH PIT: arrive 30 minutes before opening time

You will be waiting outside, so be prepared for rain. With that said, you cannot bring an umbrella inside. I have seen in other shows, people leave them and you can pick them up (from the floor) after exiting

They will have a [HAPPY MOSH’SH PIT] and [ Woman’s only area ] in the MOSH’SH PIT. The [HAPPY MOSH’SH PIT] is an area for people who do not wish to mosh. Note that both these areas tend to be at the far back.


June 28th (Fri) from 2:30PM
June 29th (Sat) from 12PM

1 bag for ¥500 (if you take out, you have to pay again)


For Yokohama Arena and LEGEND M

Located in the CENTENNIAL HALL

General Merch Booth Entry:

June 28th (Fri) 3PM until after the show
June 29th (Sat) 12:30PM until after the show

『SUPER MOSH’SH PIT Exclusive』Merch Booth Priority Entry times:

June 28th (Fri) 1PM – 2:30PM (Please come to the merch booth by 2:15PM)
June 29th (Sat) 11AM – 12PM (Please come to the merch booth by 11:45AM)

More info on merch


The BABYMETAL website
THE ONE website (must be a member to read)


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