This show took place in Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan on April 19th, 2019. It was the tour final of Mari Hamada’s “The 35th Anniversary Tour ‘Gracia'”, her return to Budokan after 26 years.

The broadcast will be at 5:10PM on July 27th on WOWOW Live in Japan. It requires a subscription, but videos tend to appear a few hours/a day later.


1. Right On
2. Disruptor
3. Blue Revolution
~ Carpe Diem
~ Return to Myself~しない、しない、ナツ。
6. No More Heroes
7. Nostalgia
~ Memory In Vain
~ Cry For The Moon
10. Promise in the History
~ Canary
12. Mangata
13. Sparks
14. In Your Hands
15. Dark Triad
16. Jumping High
17. Drum solo
~ Black Rain
18. Historia
19. Orience
20. Zero
1. FOREVER~All Night Part~Heart and Soul
2. Heartbeat Away From You
1. Momentalia
2. Tomorrow

At the show, Boh met one of his childhood hero’s, Billy Sheehan, and got to play with him on stage. He wrote about it on his blog:

BOH and Isao were with Mari Hamada during the whole tour last year. And they also appeared on the Black Rain music video promoting the album.

Part of the Black Rain MV


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