When: Saturday, June 8th at 10AM (Japan time) – When it will be in your timezone

There is no specific mention of foreigners, but it may be possible to participate. In most cases you can create an account by just changing your name with a Full width converter, but the main issue is many of these do not accept foreign credit card. There is no hard to try, though.

If you are afraid, you could ask a proxy service to enter for you (like those mentioned in this guide).

Sale links

Sunday ticket Center: LEGEND M only

Ticket Pia: LEGEND M only

Lawson Ticket: Yokohama Arena and LEGEND M

E-Plus: LEGEND M only

LINE ticket: Yokohama Arena – LEGEND M

Yokohama Arena: BABYMETAL Awakens – The Sun Also Rises –

Show dates & times:

June 28th (Friday) – Doors open at 5:30PM – Show starts at 7PM

June 29th (Saturday) – Doors open at 3PM – Show starts at 4:30PM

Tickets Details:

MOSH’SH PIT (Arena Standing) – Price: ¥9,720 (tax included)

MOSH’SH SEAT (Reserved seating) – Price: ¥9,720 (tax included)

LEGEND M: BABYMETAL Arises – Beyond the Moon –

Show dates & times:

July 6th (Saturday) – Doors open at 5:30PM – Show starts at 7PM

July 7th (Sunday) – Doors open at 4PM – Show starts at 5:30PM

Tickets Details:

MOSH’SH PIT with The Sacred Treasure (Arena Standing) – Price: ¥12,960 (tax included)

Includes: The Sacred Treasure (1, not 3)

Note: Pia and Lawson/I-tike still have a lottery open for LEGEND M until the 6th at 11:59PM.

Pia, ePlus, I-tike/Lawson: Says credit card payment is available, unaware if it applies to foreigners.

LINE: You can easily create an account, but note that most foreign credit cards are not accepted (some are).

Do note that in the past these sold out basically instantly.

Sources: BM website: Yokohama Arena – LEGEND M


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