Festival poster/lineup

BABYMETAL plays on Day 2 (Sunday, August 4th) on the Super Stage

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Opening time: 11AM (we still don’t know the time BM plays)

Ticket info/website

Ticket prices:

Super Stage layout (with prices)

Pits: NT$1500 ($47 usd)
Seats: NT$2800 ($88 usd) or NT$3800 ($120 usd) 2 day packages/seats: NT$4800 ($152 usd) or NT$6800 ($215 usd)

2 day packages: you get the same seat for both days

Sale date:

Sunday, June 2nd at 10AM – Pre-sale for owners of local bank cards
Sunday, June 2nd at 11AM – For all

Festival Facebook post

Note: the seat info wasn’t super clear to me, I made the deduction on the 2 day packages. Seems that the NT$6800 ones are NT$3800 ones, but for a cheaper price for 2 days, same thing with the NT$4800 ones being NT$2800.


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