Elevator Girl on the Oricon Weekly Digital Single ranking

Elevator Girl debuted at #13 on Oricon Weekly Digital Single Chart with 8,414 Downloads (in Japan).

For comparison, Starlight was #9 with 8666 downloads in it’s first week, and Distortion was #2 with 16468 downloads.

Elevator Girl on the Billboard Japan Hot 100

It also debuted at #42 on Billboard Japan Hot 100 with 1069 points.

The difference in ranking is because Billboard also measures physical sales.

For comparison, Starlight was #41 with 1150 points in it’s first week, and Distortion was #6 with 2881 points.
For older singles, Karate was #24 with 1816 points, Megitsune was #16 (no points were given back then), and IDZ was #14.

Elevator Girl on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart

Finally, it debuted at #34 on Oricon Weekly Combined Single Chart with 3594 points. This one measures digital and physical sales + streaming.


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