Update: We now have an Amuse lottery as well.

Entry dates: May 21st (Tuesday) at 6PM until May 27th (Monday) at 11:59PM (Japan time)

They announce the winners on June 1st (Saturday) at 6PM.

Links to Amuse Mobile Lottery: Yokohama Arena – LEGEND M/Nagoya

Note: to enter the Amuse Mobile lottery, you must be a and Amuse mobile member. It’s ¥300 + tax for 1 month (you can pay with credit card).

Link to I-tike lottery

  • This one is open to all, you do not need to be a THE ONE member.
  • You can use a credit card.

Yokohama Arena: BABYMETAL Awakens – The Sun Also Rises –

Show dates & times:

June 28th (Friday) – Doors open at 5:30PM – Show starts at 7PM

June 29th (Saturday) – Doors open at 3PM – Show starts at 4:30PM

Tickets Details:

MOSH’SH PIT (Arena Standing)

Price: ¥9,720 (tax included)

You can apply for up to 2 tickets

MOSH’SH SEAT (Reserved seating)

Price: ¥9,720(tax in)

You can apply for up to 2 tickets

LEGEND M: BABYMETAL Arises – Beyond the Moon –

Show dates & times:

July 6th (Saturday) – Doors open at 5:30PM – Show starts at 7PM

July 7th (Sunday) – Doors open at 4PM – Show starts at 5:30PM

Tickets Details:

MOSH’SH PIT with The Sacred Treasure (Arena Standing)

Price: ¥12,960 (tax included)

Includes: The Sacred Treasure (1, not 3)

You can apply for up to 2 tickets

For all tickets:

Your block number will be informed at the entrance of the venue. Before that, you don’t know where you will be inside the venue.

For mosh pit: Children under elementary school are NOT permitted

For seats: Children under the age of 3 years old are NOT permitted (Children age over 4 years old require a ticket)

Other questions:

  • There aren’t any seats for LEGEND M, due to the venue being all flat.
  • As this is a non-THE ONE lottery, there are no member-only tickets (Super mosh)

Travelling tips for these shows (BM related stuff to do, where to stay, etc.)


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