The song was first played on December 12th, 2015 in Yokohama Arena (where they will play next month again) for the last of the trilogy shows, the tour final, and end of EPISODE III.

You can buy the 2nd night of that show on A!Smart (must be a THE ONE member). It comes with the Makuhari Messe 2015 show and the SSA 2015 show (2015 Fox Festival)

The single was released the following February to promote the release of Metal Resistance the following month. And the music video was shown in mid-March.

It has since become BABYMETAL’s 2nd most video music video, behind Gimme Chocolate, which passed 100 Million views 2 months ago.

Karate Music Video

Here is a table of all BABYMETAL’s Music Videos uploaded to their YouTube. It includes upload date, as well as total views, likes, and dislikes. It also has the total increase and increase per week of views since the last “big” update, which in this case was Gimme Chocolate reaching 100 Million views on March 9th.

Upload DateSongViewsIncreaseIncrease per weekLikesDislikes
2012/11/8Doki Doki Morning23.457.000222k23k150k4.4k
2012/11/8Head Banger16.244.000207k22k124k3k
2012/11/26Ijime, Dame, Zettai23,037.000245k26k150k6.9k
2014/2/25Gimme Chocolate102.387.0002.387k254k808k48k
2015/5/6Road of Resistance20.942.000638k68k140k3.3k
2016/3/26THE ONE11.585.000246k26k108k2.1k

Other “MV’s” released last year:

Upload DateSongViewsIncreaseIncrease per weekLikesDislikes
2018/6/1No Rain, No Rainbow1.795.000155k16k29k305
2018/9/28Distortion Live1.585.000301k32k21k409


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