The important stuff:

  • This one is non-THE ONE only, so those who aren’t members can enter. But…
  • Although I see no restrictions to foreigners, this does only appear in Japanese, on the Japanese BM website. Either way, you must have someone who can pay for you at a Lawson convenience store in Japan before May 27th if you win.

MAJOR EDIT: they do accept credit card!!

Yokohama Arena: BABYMETAL Awakens- The Sun Also Rises –

Show dates & times:

June 28th (Friday) – Doors open at 5:30PM – Show starts at 7PM

June 29th (Saturday) – Doors open at 3PM – Show starts at 4:30PM

Tickets Details:

MOSH’SH PIT (Arena Standing)

Price: ¥9,720 (tax included)

You can apply for up to 2 tickets

MOSH’SH SEAT (Reserved seating)

Price: ¥9,720(tax in)

You can apply for up to 2 tickets

LEGEND M: BABYMETAL Arises – Beyond the Moon –

Show dates & times:

July 6th (Saturday) – Doors open at 5:30PM – Show starts at 7PM

July 7th (Sunday) – Doors open at 4PM – Show starts at 5:30PM

Tickets Details:

MOSH’SH PIT with The Sacred Treasure (Arena Standing)

Price: ¥12,960 (tax included)

Includes: The Sacred Treasure (1, not 3)

You can apply for up to 2 tickets

HAPPY FAMILY MOSH’SH PIT with The Sacred Treasure (Arena standing)

Price: ¥25,920 (tax included)

Includes: The Sacred Treasure (1, not 3, per person)

1 entry equals 2 tickets. Yo may only enter once.

Restrictions: One winner must be over 18 years old, the other between 13 and 18 years old.

Lottery details (for all shows)

Entry dates: May 10th at 6PM until May 15th (Wednesday) at 11:59PM (Japan time)

Results will be announced on: May 18th (Saturday) at 3PM

Payment time: May 18th (Saturday) at 3PM until May 27th (Monday) at 11PM (Japan time)

Enter here for Yokohama Arena – Enter here for LEGEND M

Here is a guide I made to enter the previous lottery. It’s pretty much the same, just use a built-in translator (like Chrome has) to translate the page automatically, as this time it’s only in Japanese.

As explained in the beginning, someone you know must be in Japan to pay for you at a Lawson convenience store before May 27th. Sadly, this is the only payment option available. You can pick them up at a Lawson starting June 15th (Saturday) at 10AM. You can also request delivery inside Japan.

  • Use the link at the very bottom to enter.
  • If you enter right now or before the deadline, it is the same thing. No need to rush.
  • As this is a lottery, remember that it’s possible you can lose
  • If you win, you cannot refuse your ticket, you must pay for it (if you don’t your name will be “blacklisted”). Please only enter if you know you can go, as they are hard to get.
  • You must enter separately for each set of shows
  • If you have any issues email Lawson Ticket Information Desk (Include your Name, Reservation Number and/or Phone Number when making an inquiry.)

For all tickets:

Your block number will be informed at the entrance of the venue. Before that, you don’t know where you will be inside the venue.

For mosh pit: Children under elementary school are NOT permitted

For seats: Children under the age of 3 years old are NOT permitted (Children age over 4 years old require a ticket)

Other questions:

  • There aren’t any seats for LEGEND M, due to the venue being all flat.
  • As this is a non-THE ONE lottery, there are no member-only tickets (Super mosh)

Travelling tips for these shows (BM related stuff to do, where to stay, etc.)


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