Elevator Girl cover

The Elevator Girl digital single has now started releasing in some parts of the world. Just like Starlight and Distortion, it’s a timed rollout, which means it will release in each location when the local time hits 12AM on May 10th.

Here are the official links to different services to get it on. As mentioned, it should be available once it’s May 10th in your location.

You can buy it on Ototoy, if you can’t wait. If you want the best quality (FLAC), you can get it on Qobuz alone and even as a bundle for cheaper Elevator Girl / Starlight / Distortion

If a music video is released, and it does so like the previous 2 songs, it will drop in just a couple of hours It hasn’t released yet (11AM Japan time)

Ryu-metal is credited as the composer. This is Ryugi Yokoi, who is also part of ‘Team-K’. His previous credits are lyrics and music on Onedari Daisakusen and Uki Uki Midnight, as well as lyrics, music and arrangement on Meta Taro.


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