Leda founded the band in 2015 and since released 3 albums, among other content. The drummer, Sujk, is from one of Leda’s previous bands, Deluhi (2006-2011), one of many he played for. Now we await to see what he does next.

Their last show will be on June 22nd at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Shibuya, Tokyo, the weekend before the BABYMETAL Yokohama Arena shows.

Leda’s message. Translated below using Google Translate (therefor it is far from perfect):

Suddenly becomes an announcement I’m sorry I was sorry. Members will have more than five years of relationship with members if they prepare for starting.

The Far East Dizain

FED, which has just entered its fourth year.
I formed a band again and wanted to feel hot and called out to the three.
I really wanted to start from scratch, and the first sound source was my own mix and mastering, and I brought it to the press factory and I miss making paper documents and videos.

We started up and worked hard with lots of live performances, and we worked together as a team to assemble the band.
Thanks to everyone who supported me, it took a long time, but I think I was able to create the identity of the FED little by little.

The part that can not be exceeded only by making it fun and gathering with people who make a concert like sound source making and live.
A part that can not be surrendered as a musician or artist.
I like the members. Everyone is very good.
However, I could not clear it with FED, who is now.

The above is my feeling, but I think that I did not get a schedule properly with my personal activities, so it was easy for the members, and I did a lot of swings due to lack of power as a leader.

As we keep the lives of three people for more than five years and share them, I came to this conclusion based on my feelings and the future of the members.

At the beginning of the activity, I often said, “I would like to create an FED with all the fans.”
Four years later, I think that FED’s live performance is very consistent.
That’s because everyone really enjoys live shows.
With the FED live, everyone was always in love with the fans.
I used to be serious, I sometimes did not enjoy the live itself by my performance side, but after FED activities, not only serious but also everyone who came to enjoy the live I learned that I can enjoy
It is a very big thing in myself.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me.
Thank you very much.
I’m sorry I can not continue.
At the FED, all the fans were taught a lot of important things on the stage.

Thank you very much to the people involved.

And Keita, Яyu, Sujk, thank you very much for walking with me.

I will play Far East Dizain with all my energy so that I cannot regret the leftover live and Tomeihan Wanman with the members.


Update: He also tweeted:

Sorry for this announcement.

Things that didn’t go well.

Things I couldn’t get over.

It was fun.

There are a lot of things that I could not have experienced without FED. I will put my soul in the activities that are left so that I can convey even a little bit of my gratitude to everyone who supported me.

I have not yet considered my future activities.
We will focus on what remains for FED.



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