This is not all of KOBAMETAL’s interview, only the part about the album, after this there’s a part about the collaborations with the guests in the album. Though, the magazine includes a lot more things (some yet to be translated), they include:

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RSJ: first, we would like to know about METAL GALAXY, what’s the concept behind it and since when you started producing it.

KOBAMETAL: at first, of course, we had the 2nd album METAL RESISTANCE, so what should we do next? That’s how it started, but the title of the current album METAL GALAXY started somehow as an image inside my head.

RSJ: You mean ‘METAL GALAXY’ came first to your mind as a kind of keyword

KOBAMETAL: I thought this throughout BM’s activity, the things I came in contact through the medium of BM, for example musical genres different from metal, the connection with people and the different groups in the audience, different cultures from the metal culture, I’ve experienced in practice the fusion of all these things with metal, through BM.

When you’re on tour you go in several countries, right? Doing that, I could know there’s different cultures in those places, several kinds of music and different people, and with that as team BM – including myself and the members – we experienced several things, and we have accumulated all these experiences in these years since the formation of BM. With BM I could experience the fact that the world is really big, or I should say, the world is interesting.

And that was the start of this “METAL GALAXY” image. BM is not a spaceship but the METAL GALAXY concept is, boarding on that ship we travel to different worlds. Kind of ‘See the World by Train’ but metal version (laughs).

RSJ: (laughs) like ‘See the Metal World by Train’

KOBAMETAL: yes (laughs). Expanding that a little bit more, in a place like a galaxy, if we compare metal to a star, there’s different stars, right?

RSJ: up to METAL RESISTANCE, you challenged different sub-genres of metal. I think that was BM’s basic theme since the beginning. But listening to METAL GALAXY you could transcend even that theme.

KOBAMETAL: certainly, it might be as you say. There’s still a lot of metal sub-genres, I guess there’s a lot of sub-genres I don’t know myself, but while among them there’s a portion that BM has come in contact with, this time maybe we’re going beyond that, we matched with genres that are different from metal. Also, there’s this challenge about what’s going to happen as a result of that matching? What would happen if we enlarge the picture frame even more? – Kind of feeling.

RSJ: the thing that surprised us about METAL GALAXY is the fact that the Japanese edition is in 2 discs with around 16 songs. In the era of digital, having 2 physical discs is a bold idea. What’s more both are a different color, it has an aura of concept album.

KOBAMETAL: first of all, this album it’s focused on 2 members, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL, up to now the keyword was the number ‘3’, this time since the theme is ‘2’ this idea came out. But BM itself even in the past up to now, had a lot of concepts with the number 2. For instance LIGHT SIDE and DARK SIDE. Even the very name BABYMETAL is made of the two meanings of BABY and METAL.

RSJ: BABYMETAL has this image of putting all your heart and soul into every single song, that is brushing up a song over and over for several months and years. With this, an album with 16 songs was really unexpected. Did you have such a big stock of songs up to now?

KOBAMETAL: actually, there’s also songs that overflowed from these 16. There’s songs we actually recorded, but thinking that it wasn’t the right time yet for them they were out. And also after all, the previous album was 3 years and a half ago. During that time don’t you say “what are you doing secretly!” (laughs)

RSJ: (laughs) because you aren’t the kind of artist like those bands who have an overcrowded schedule and keep touring for long periods, right

KOBAMETAL: during these 3 years there were also period when BM wasn’t doing any activity, publicly, but actually we were steadily working at things.

RSJ: during this long period of 3 years and a half, how did SU-METAL and MOAMETAL change, as seen from your point of view?

KOBAMETAL: of course they grew up as persons. And also talking about their performance, with all the tours including the skill aspect they progressed day after day. I think their growth is way faster than what you all might think. So considering that 3 years have passed, it was like the amazing growth a grandfather sees in his grandchildren, like huh? they grew so much in such a short amount of time? That’s the feeling, probably.

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Tom Akeley · November 30, 2019 at 9:14 AM

Mr. Kobametal,
You are a genius and the girls (including Yui who played an equal part in bringing BM to it’s current level) are the hardest working and performance driven artists I’ve seen. Keep expanding and being creative. The results are amazing and in my opinion timeless..

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