It’s a short-ish interview done by KKBOX at their recent Taiwan visit [Show report], in contrast to the longer interview done by Keedan [Translated here]. They talk about joining the fans in the mosh pit, changes since they started, and talk a bit about their shows in general. Read the summed-up translation below.

Photos from the interview:

A “quick and dirty translation” made by /u/lonewolf_sg:

As he notes, a full translation will possibly/likely be made later, and will replace the one below, I will post on my social media when it’s ready, for now this should suffice.

The girls were asked their participation at Glastonbury. SU ” When we attend music festival overseas, its mostly Rock or Heavy metal festivals. This time, participating in a multi-genre music festival like Glastonbury, a lot of the audience are not familiar with us. Seeing them getting HIGH as each song as the performance goes on is an enjoyment.”

They were asked if they adjust their performance to an audience who are not familiar with them. MOA gave a ‘stylish’ answer (the writer choice of word): “Our performance style does not change and is not determined by country, location or festival genre. We hope to present our authentic style at every performance. “

In discussing BABYMETAL live performance, MOA once said ‘The essence of BABYMETAL is Live’. When discussing this, the writer said MOA breaks into a wide smile and said that she is very happy when she is on stage, especially seeing the fans enjoying themselves makes her happiest. She adds that those with an interest in their music must experience it live for themselves once.

They were asked about the amazing view of the fans from the stage and whether they would like to join in. SU ‘I would very much like to try!’ MOA added ‘ME too!’

About Metal Resistance Episode 8, SU says it’s about the future of Heavy Metal. In the past, BABYMETAL was regarded as kawaii metal, looked upon like kids playing with metal music. “We hope to bring our music to the next generation and let the younger audience understand the beauty and meaning of heavy metal”

There was mention of Summer Sonic and how BABYMETAL has performed every year since 2012. So for BABYMETAL, Summer = Summer Sonic.*

When asked for more info on Metal Galaxy, MOA answered ‘Only the Fox God knows’ (「只有FOX GOD知道!」)in Mandarin! Actually, it was a trap question from the interviewer, he just wanted to hear MOA says that in Mandarin!

By the way, the article is titled ‘We would very much like to mosh with our fans!’ (Imagine that! It would be a riot!!)

*This part is incorrect, they missed it last year.


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