It’s a short-ish interview done by KKBOX at their recent Taiwan visit [Show report], in contrast to the longer interview done by Keedan [Translated here]. They talk about joining the fans in the mosh pit, changes since they started, and talk a bit about their shows in general. Read the summed-up translation below.

Photos from the interview:

Previously had a “quick and dirty translation” made by /u/lonewolf_sg, now replaced with /u/cubervic’s translation.

We would love to mosh together with the fans!

The world-conquering Heavy Metal group, BABYMETAL, has finally returned to Taiwan [since 2014] and attended Super Slippa 10. Moving from three members to two members, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL not only showed a stronger bond during the performances, but they’ve also openly talked about how they plan to take on the challenges awaiting them in the new chapters to come. The surprise announcement after the performance of their headline show in Taiwan on April 3rd, 2020 has unsurprisingly brought great hype and ecstasy to the fans at the show.

Striving to present their original style, they solve for all variables with consistency

BABYMETAL has performed in numerous festivals of different kinds since their debut, and has finally stood on the main stage of the almost 50-year-old Glastonbury Festival in the UK this June. Regarding this precious opportunity, SU-METAL felt greatly honored and said it was like a dream come true. She said, “In the past, we mostly attended rock and metal festival overseas. With a great variety of music genres at Glastonbury, many in the audience actually had no idea who we are, but it was really enjoyable seeing them get more and more into our music as we played one song after another.”

We were curious about how BABYMETAL changes the way of performance when facing an unfamiliar audience? When asked this question, MOAMETAL answered confidently1 , “It is our characteristic to keep the same way we perform, regardless of the country, venue, type of festival or any other factor. In every performance, we hope to present the authentic BABYMETAL style.” The certainty in her words not only conveyed the distinct feature of BABYMETAL but also echoed with their fascinating stage presence.

[Note1] Author’s choice of word for “confident” is 帥, meaning “handsome” or “stylish”. In Taiwan when you describe a person’s action with 帥, it means that the person showed a great deal of confidence doing so.

Eye contact is the best thing ever, and they really want to join the mosh pit

BABYMETAL is known for their powerful live performances, and MOAMETAL has once said, “BABYMETAL exists in LIVE.”[2] MOAMETAL broke into a big smile when this topic was mentioned, saying she’s always so happy standing on the stage, and especially so when she had eye contacts with the fans. She also strongly recommended that those who are interested in their music to experience it live. One notable thing during their performances is that the fans would spontaneously start running into each other vigorously [“moshing”] forming an incredible scene. When asked whether they want to join the mosh pit, SU-METAL said with great interest, “I really wanted to try!!” MOAMETAL laughed out loud and also said, “I wanna play, too!”

[Note2] I just translated this directly from the author’s words, cuz I couldn’t find the original quote.

Entering METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE VIII, they hope to show their music to the newer generations

Since its inception, BABYMETAL saw each and every change and challenge as an episode [chapter]. Arriving at “METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE VIII”, SU-METAL said they will be searching for the future of Heavy Metal music. In the past, BABYMETAL was seen as “Kawaii” Metal, suggesting they were kids playing with Heavy Metal music. “We hope to show our works to the newer generations, allowing the younger ones to experience the brilliance and meaning of Heavy Metal,” Su-metal said. Although still young, BABYMETAL already has a strong sense of purpose in their role.

There has been some adjustments in their group member as well as the configuration in choreography while entering METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE VIII. Despite the changes, MOAMETAL, officially responsible for “Scream & Dance”, still performed flawlessly. “To me, music is a form of expression with your body. However our music evolves, I will present its wonder through my dance wholeheartedly,” said MOAMETAL, showing her strong determination with the inspiring answer. With the group reaching the 10th anniversary, precise and energetic dance moves remain the highlight of their performances.

The New Album is Super Confidential – Only the Fox God Knows

Soon to release their new album <METAL GALAXY> in October, BABYMETAL has already given their fans a sneak peek with a new, light-hearted and festival-like Summer single <PA PA YA!!>. With the Summer at its peak, the duo expressed their eager anticipation for Summer Sonic. After all, they have attended the festival almost every year since 2012, so to BABYMETAL, Summer Sonic is a synonym to Summer.

Before wrapping up the interview, when we attempted to get some first-hand information about <METAL GALAXY>, MOAMETAL responded in Mandarin mysteriously, that “Only the Fox God knows!”

只有 zhǐ yǒu (Only) (the) 狐 hú (Fox) 神 shén (God) 知道 zhī dào (Knows).

We are grateful that the Fox God brought BABYMETAL to Taiwan. Let us all get prepared for the new album’s release and their headline show in the coming year!


  • KKBox is basically Taiwanese Spotify, though it was actually founded before Spotify.
  • The author also posted on his Facebook page saying, “It was a very interesting experience interviewing BABYMETAL. They have the perfect amount of “idol unattainability”, but would also act naturally and sometimes laugh loudly (*without the sense of distance) during the interview. It’s hard to imagine cute girls like them could become so powerful when performing heavy metal! Their kawaii could almost conquer the universe, and no wonder they are popular all around the world now.”
  • The author is at Summer Sonic right now and mentioned BM in another post, saying that though the setlist and setup are similar, it’s way more exciting and enjoyable seeing them in Japan. He said it was much better without the chairs (in Super Slippa), lol.
  • Link to the interview in Chinese.


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